Queen Elizabeth also forgets her keys now and then

The British monarch recently found herself in a rather awkward situation after she arrived at Windsor Castle, where she usually spends her weekends, to a tightly shut gate, Marie Claire reports.

According to Daily Mail, in an attempt to open the automatic gate, a female bodyguard jumped out from the convoy of Range Rovers and battled with the wooden gate for a minute before returning to her vehicle.

The 93-year-old royal was being driven to another entrance of the premises when her convoy of vehicles made a U-turn after the remote-controlled gate was finally opened by security.

“It’s hugely embarrassing,” an onlooker revealed to The Sun.

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“There should’ve been a guard opening the gates automatically when the queen came round the corner,” the onlooker added.

“Someone either forgot to open them and there was no gatekeeper.” Another onlooker revealed that they had, “never seen anything like it in 30 years”.

“I’m not sure if someone was sleeping on the job or simply that they weren’t expecting her, but it’s unheard of,” the witness added, ‘PageSix’ reported.

While the witness emphasised that “it’s not often you get to see a queen locked out of her own castle”, Queen Elizabeth didn’t look too impressed with being locked out either

A picture has since been shared on Twitter of her in her vehicle with her dog.

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Author: News24 Entertainment