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(First published in March 2020)

Some days you need a little extra oomph. Here are 4 fairly easy make-up hacks to amp up your look…

Some days a swipe of bronze eye shadow and a lick of mascara is all you need. And then there are those other days…

You know, the days your plan on knocking peoples’ socks off. We’ve put together some easy make-up hacks to do just that without breaking a sweat.

1. Smouldering eyes

Remember when we used to watch endless tutorials (Just me? Okay) to perfect smokey eye shadow? Those were the days.

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Since then we’ve learnt if you messily line your upper lashes with a kohl pencil/a deep eyeshadow shade of your choice with a flat brush and blend it with a soft, fluffy eye shadow brush, it creates almost exactly the same effect in a fraction of the time.

Round it off with a touch of sparkle right above your iris and you’re good to go.

2. Lashes for days

When you need your eyes to go Bam(bi), one of the best ways to do so is by accentuating your lashes. You can either opt for a set of strip lashes, or if you want a slightly more natural look you can just rev up your mascara application. Start by applying mascara to the tops of your upper lashes, and then apply to the underside/inside as usual. This technique holds on to a lot more product, so keep a clean mascara brush handy to separate any clumps before they dry.

3. Let your light shine

When highlighter is done right it’s a glorious thing. Try your best to avoid the Instagram trap of applying loads of the shiny stuff to the centre of your face: if you’re going for that look, use a very light dusting on the tip of your nose and just above the curve of your lip.

iakovenko –


Where I would go big is on the cheekbones. It creates a glorious youthful glow and adds to the illusion of exaggerated feminine contours without having to apply any contouring products.

4. Pucker up

If you’re in a pinch and/or you don’t feel like doing any of the above, there’s always bold lipstick. Spend a couple of minutes on perfect application and you’ll have people hanging onto your every word.)

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