Here’s some great advice on taking that leap of faith if you feel you need a more satisfying job.
A few years ago I was in a very â??goodâ?? job. I worked with great people, had an enviable salary, prestigious position, nice corner office, and my boss was amazing. It was everything a â??goodâ?? job should be. However I couldnâ??t shake this feeling that something was missing… I felt like I was climbing the ladder of success, but my ladder was against the wrong wall.
So I took a leap of faith, and resigned. This decision left a lot of people shocked and some even horrified… â??How could I leave such a â??goodâ?? job?â?
I moved to a new city, and started a new job, which turned out to be exactly the same as my previous one. And the same feeling in the pit of my stomach returned…
â??The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results!â? Albert Einstein
I was definitely insane…
I had a choice, I could continue on this road and end up pretty much the same place in a few years time, or I could take a leap, like a character out of a JD Salinger novel, and fly.
â??Do you want to be safe and good? Or do you want to take a chance and be great?â? Jimmy Johnson
I flew… I let go of the â??shouldsâ??; stopped listening to everyone else but myself; and relied on my faith and the knowledge that is in me, to get me where I WANT to be.
I believe that all of us are resourceful and whole, and filled with potential. But along the way we lose sight of our dreams and we lose faith in ourselves. To find a GREAT job you need to know who you are and by knowing who you are, you can find out what you want.
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The first step I took was defining what a GREAT job looks like to ME. It is the following:
•    A great job is challenging, exciting and rewarding
•    Makes the best use of my talents, abilities and skills
•    Is a place where I am always learning and growing
•    Everyday I want to give my best
•    I am filled with passion and enthusiasm
•    When I go to sleep at night I know I have contributed to something I believe in
•    If I work long hours I know itâ??s towards something worthwhile
•    I am creating value in my life and in the lives of others
•    Is in line with my values and Life Vision
This â??job descriptionâ?? is not due to the nature of my job as a Life Coach and Trainer. I run another company which brings me as much joy and satisfaction. In fact having 2 very different jobs has been great for me. I am still on a journey, and these 2 avenues allow me to explore 2 of my passions.
Here are a few more steps that have helped me move from a â??goodâ?? job to a GREAT job:
1.    Make a list of your strengths/ weaknesses; talents and skills

If you have a tough time doing this ask a close friend or partner to assist you. We need to make sure that our new career is making the best use of our talents and strengths, otherwise everyday can seem like an endless battle.
2.    List every job you have ever wanted to do from the age of three

Yes write down Ballet Dancer, Fashion Designer, Fireman, Lion Tamer etc. This is not the time to be shy or embarrassed. Getting in touch with your past dreams can help you decide what you really want out of life. This is an important exercise as some of your dreams may have been squashed by well meaning individuals, who told you what was possible or what you should do.
â??Donâ??t become an actress. South Africans donâ??t stand a chance in Hollywood!â? or â??That Internet business doesnâ??t make much sense, rather get a proper job.â?
3.    Write down what you LOVE about your current job

I am hoping there may be one or two things you enjoy in your current job. Write them down and start looking for careers that incorporate more of these tasks/ roles/ areas of business.
4.    Make a list of what you DONâ??T WANT

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When I started on this journey, I really didnâ??t know where to start. So I made a list of everything I didnâ??t want in my new career, and by default I highlighted things I wanted. For example, I didnâ??t want to be in an office 24/7. I didnâ??t want to work for a large company. 
5.    Imagine your ideal working environment

What does it look like? Are you in an office? Working from home? Do you work in quaint village or bustling city? What are your working hours? Who do you work with? Are they artists or analytics? Is it an open plan environment or do you prefer silence and structure? What do you wear to work?
6.    What motivates you?

Do you feel motivated when you get a pay increase? By praise and awards? Are you motivated when you are being creative, or when you are finishing tasks with precision? This will help you identify important areas to incorporate into your career.
7.    Make a list of your top 10 values

We need to live in accordance with our values otherwise we will never find peace and congruency in life. Look at what motivates you? What is important in your life?
Values can change depending on where you are in life. If you are a mother then your values are probably a little different than when you were a college student. Values are unique and should be resonant to you. 
Here is a list of my values: Health & Vitality (If I am not healthy I will not have the energy or well being I need to live out my dreams); Love; Financial Freedom & Abundance; Passion (For work & life); Success & Achievement; Positivity & Optimism; Integrity; Growing & Learning; Contribution; Happiness; and Fun.
I think the biggest misconception we have is that our GREAT job will find us; or someone can tell us what it is. We need to trust ourselves and take the time to figure it out. Itâ??s a journey you will never regret.
We spend about 70% of our lives at work. Do you want to spend 70% of your life in a â??goodâ?? job or a great one?
Today is the day to start living the life you have always imagined. Believe in your Passion, Believe in your Purpose and Believe in the Possibilities.