During the recent U.S. Presidential election, Sen. Hilary Clinton came under a great deal of scrutiny as the first female candidate for the job. What came as a surprise was when the Senator, known for her tough as nails approach in a male dominated field, allowed herself to become emotional…..
They became the tears heard â??round the world’
It was in the midst of what had been a very stressful campaign as Sen. Clinton talked about meeting an old friend from her law school days. She didnâ??t cry publicly, that would have been even more shocking, but she did admit to feeling â??tearyâ? at the time. 
It seems like a simple enough admission, yet under these particular circumstances it highlights a dilemma faced by many professional women.
As women have made more and more strides in the professional world, a world long dominated by men, it has become necessary for us to adapt to our new surroundings. 
We are told to act like a man to make it in a man’s world
If you want to make it in a manâ??s world, the thinking goes, you have to start acting like a man. In most cases, thatâ??s the accepted view. 
Yet women are left to walk a very thin line when it comes to expressing ordinary human emotions.
Yet, hold back and you are termed ‘hard’ and ‘cold’
Hold back too much and you risk coming off seeming â??hardâ? or â??coldâ?, both terms which have been liberally applied to Mrs. Clinton and other successful professional women.
On the other hand, if you let down your guard and express your emotions you can end up looking weak or overly sensitive, playing right into the typical female stereotype.
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// –>So where does this leave women in the workplace?
How can you express yourself without it costing you professionally?   The answer can be a tricky one, depending on your circumstances. In most cases, it is necessary to find a happy medium where you come across as strong and confident without losing the human touch.
One hopeful note is that the younger generation, born in the 80â??s and 90â??s, is more open to the expression of emotion and so they donâ??t see it as being quite so taboo.
As this generation begins to encompass more and more of the working world, that means the overall viewpoint is shifting to one which is a little more open and accepting.
After all, we are human
This is a good thing, because, after all, we are human.  It isnâ??t reasonable to expect people, whether male or female, to simply shut off their emotions when they step into the office. 
While you donâ??t want an office full of temper tantrums or crying jags, at the same time itâ??s not healthy to have a group of mindless drones either. 
In this way, the presence of women in the workforce can be seen as a good thing. Weâ??re starting to change the way people think and the way they react to each other, and that can only be positive.
What Sen. Clinton taught us is that itâ??s perfectly ok to be human, even if youâ??re running for one of the most powerful jobs in the world. 
Even presidents can use a little humanity from time to time
Itâ??s that humanity which connects us all. So donâ??t leave yours behind when you head to the office…bring it with you every day.