As Women’s month draws to a close, you’ve enjoyed reading about extraordinary women who have accomplished great things, but I would like to pay tribute to the ordinary woman who is a great achiever in her everyday life…..

Being a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend is a full-time job

Being a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend is a full-time job and one that is rarely praised or even appreciated. This is a list of just some of the tasks women all over the world have to complete every day in their role of homemaker:

An ordinary day in the life of a wife and mother

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We make sure the family is dressed, fed and packed for school and work. We feed the animals, tidy the house if there is no domestic help and then get ourselves ready for the day.
If there is a home emergency, we call the plumber, electrician etc and make sure there is someone at home to let them in. If there are building renovations or gardening to be done, we supervise and offer countless sandwiches and cups of tea.
If our children’s caregivers are sick, we make alternative arrangements for aftercare. If there is a sports day at school, we sneak out of work and race to the school in time to watch our child in the team relay.
We will often have to go to three shops to find the EXACT colour hairnet for the ballet exam and we have to make sure that we get to see the wish list for Father Christmas so we buy the right Christmas presents.

Birthday parties take as much planning as a new product launch at work
Birthday parties entail theme cakes, entertainment, food for both moms and children and the party pack has to be as good as the one given out at Arabella’s party…
If the animals are sick, we load them into the car and cart them off to the vet. And if the cat vomits on the carpet or the children get paint on the new wooden floors, we scrub them clean before anyone notices…
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We make sure that the home always runs smoothly

The bills are always paid on time, flowers ordered or gifts bought and posted off to the relatives in Australia when there are birthdays, weddings or new additions to the family, household appliances like irons and vacuum cleaners are always in working order, there are always ingredients for wholesome and nutritious meals in the freezer, clean shirts and socks in the cupboards and nobody ever runs out of refuse bags, toothpaste or loo paper…
We often negotiate with insurance companies for better rates, claim if the bikes are stolen from the garage, fax off medical aid claims, and adjust the family budget accordingly when the rates or school fees are increased.

When we plan a family holiday, we do all the bookings, pay the deposits and make sure the passports are valid. If the car needs a service, we book it in. If the school has a meeting for parents, Dad may sometimes be able to attend but you can be sure Mom is there…

Women sacrifice their time in the name of love
If a child is sick at night or wets the bed, we change the sheets and lie with them until they fall asleep, if a friend phones and needs to talk while we’re cooking, we turn off the stove and give them our undivided attention. If our moms or mom-in-laws are lonely, we arrange a family visit and if our husbands want sex at the end of a hectic day, we oblige too. (One of the more enjoyable “chores” providing we have the energy!)
And in between this endless list of tasks that we accomplish in a normal day, most of us have to go out and do a full day’s job in an office somewhere. I think all you hard-working women out there deserve a Woman of the Year award – dont’ you?