Pascale Barrow taps into the mind of famous New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani to show you how to attain your career goals…..

Rudolph Giuliani has accomplished goals in his lifetime that none believed were possible, including reclaiming the streets of New York and cutting crime in the city by two-thirds. His philosophies on how to utilise strong management and leadership principles can be applied to all walks of life, but today we show how an ambitious office executive can tap into the power of his ideas.  

The perfect blueprint to define your career goals

Giulianiâ??s philosophy is to break everything down to its simplest form. He advocates the principle of putting â??First Things First,â?? believing â??…things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.â? Practically, you should always be pushing yourself towards attaining your goals and ambitions. You have to prioritise your core values and then make all your decisions around them. You wonâ??t get closer to your goal anytime soon if you allow yourself to be distracted by less important things.

1. Define your goal: For example, to be promoted to Head of Department within the next 12 months. Establish your priorities: Write your daily to-do list in order of importance, not necessarily in order of urgency. Ask yourself: â??Will this task help me attain my goal? If not, should I even be doing it? If I have to do it, how do I turn it into something that will help me reach my long-term goal?â?

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2. Make good decisions: A trademark of all excellent leaders, including Giulianiâ??s role model, JFK, is: â??Reflect, Then Decideâ??, where all his major decisions were made only after extensive research and consultation. Some managers just make any decision to take away the uncertainty and burden of making that decision. Avoid doing so at all costs!

Rather, make strategic, well educated, decisions. Snap judgement calls are sometimes necessary on less important issues, but if something has serious consequences, make very sure you have thought through all eventualities thoroughly.

3. Face your fears: Facing his fears in his battle with prostate cancer, Giuliani believes we should â??Stand Up To Bulliesâ??. If you do something that scares you… confronting it head on, you may go through some pain, but that pain is soon forgotten in the aftermath of relief and pride for standing up for yourself. Being soft is a habit, just like being tough, and this habit can be developed and instilled in anyone.

Standing up to bullies can mean disagreeing with your boss. Be respectful at all times, but provided you have good research and logic to back up your ideas and opinions, you can feel confident of putting your comments forward, even if it means taking a bit of flak at the time. Some employers donâ??t respond well to this form of challenging from an employee, but most people walk away with respect for someone who doesnâ??t always play the role of Yesman.

4. Always follow up: Following up on your colleaguesâ?? tasks can be extremely difficult, particularly if you donâ??t have the official authority to do so.  But remember, if you are driving a project, itâ??s ultimately your name on the line.  Try to be subtle yet firm â?? to ensure things get done on time.

Giulianiâ??s leadership principles are a perfect blueprint for taking control of your career goals. Under-promising and over-delivering is a sure way to outperform expectations. Set the above strategy for success in motion today, and watch your career (and your salary) sky rocket!

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