Starting your own business neednâ??t be complicated or expensive. Iâ??ve identified 5 great services that fill a definite need in millions of peoplesâ?? lives. Choose an idea, get the necessary equipment and then start marketing your service using local newspaper ads, telesales, pamphlets, posters and a website [for a free website, sign up at].

1. Mobile dog grooming

Love dogs? Got a car? Get a plastic bath, a short hosepipe (with a selection of tap attachments), a dog leash, dog brushes, hair and nail clippers, dog shampoo and powder and youâ??re all set to give the dogâ??s in your area a â??makeoverâ??. Youâ??ll do your work at your clientâ??s premises so your overheads will be minimal. Dog parlours charge between R100 & R150 for a clean and trim. Charge less and boom.

2. Adventure tours

South Africa is a prime tourist destination and adventure-seekers are hungry for new thrills. Identify businesses in your province that offer adventure activities and create an itinerary of exciting pursuits like game drives, hot air ballooning, zip slides, bungee jumping, river rafting, helicopter flips etc. Then advertise these businesses for the companies to earn commission. Place your brochures/pamphlets at tourism kiosks and arrange commission or discounts from the businesses you work with. Hire a car or bus to ferry your visitors to and from the hotel or airport.

3. House & pet sitting

Help your neighbours out when they go on holiday by being their trusting house and pet sitter. Give them daily updates via SMS on the status of their pets and home. Feed the fish, take the dogs for walks, treat the pool and make the house look lived in. Build a reputation as a caring, reliable and trustworthy service provider and word-of-mouth will keep you in business.

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4. Mobile mechanic

If you know a bit about cars, you can take advantage of all the older cars still running in SA. Theyâ??re prone to failure and not everyone has a good mechanic at hand, or is a member of the AA. Start an â??on-callâ?? (cell phone) breakdown and mechanic service, giving customers quick, reliable assistance. Keep a database of all the cars you service and give owners reminders about when their next service is due. Get parts as cheaply as possible from suppliers (insist on discounts) and kit out with quality tools, a hydraulic jack, mechanicâ??s trolley and oil catching pan for effective mobile operations.

5. Power washing

Oil on driveways and forecourts, mud-cakes on truck trailers? An opportunity awaits you, your car, a high-pressure washer and some power-cleaning detergents. South Africa has a booming truck fleet market. These vehicles run all week with little time for washing. Contact fleet managers and offer your services, cleaning both vehicles and the yard. Petrol stations also require oil removal from their forecourts. Start by renting a high-pressure washer â?? check the Yellow Pages under â??Tools, Hireâ??.

Thereâ??s always a better way to serve. If you market your business properly and deliver real value, you will build a thriving business.

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