Follow your Bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls. Joseph Campbell 1904-1987

How do you follow your heart and still make a living? Is it really true that you can â??Do what you love and the money will follow? And if it is true, how do you implement that?

Passion and purpose can propel you to success

Itâ??s easier to become a huge success if you are enjoying yourself along the way. Not that you canâ??t be successful just by will and determination but when you have a passion for what you do it is easy to do the necessary things to accomplish your goal. Will and determination can sometimes be difficult to sustain. Passion and purpose, however continue to propel you on your way to success. A common denominator of most hugely successful people is that they love what they do, but what about the rest of us?

What are the limitations in your mind?

Perhaps a better question would be – What are the limitations in my own mind that are preventing me from seeing the possibilities of making money from what I love to do?

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We live in an unlimited and abundant world. There are no limitations except for the limitations in our own mind. There have been people who have made money doing things that were considered to be impossible. And possibilities change every day.

Think about it. In 1980, there were no fax machines, microwave ovens, personal computers. Today you are reading this on your own computer yet back in 1980 there were people who did not believe that a computer could be made small enough to fit into a personâ??s home.

Today we have tiny microchips that can hold much more information than all of the huge computers from 1980. Today we talk into tiny, little black boxes that are not connected to anything yet I can talk to my friend on the other side of the world through that little box that I am holding up to my ear. When cell phones first came out they were about the size of a small suitcase and they cost a small fortune, now everyone has one. Possibilities change everyday.

Everything started as an idea in someone’s mind

Everything in the world started out as an idea in someoneâ??s mind. All of the greatest inventors, from Thomas Edison to Bill Gates all heard about how it could not be done.

If you can conceive it you can achieve it

But if the idea can be conceived, it can be achieved. Where would we be today if the greatest minds of the past had believed that it could not be done?

So if you want to make money doing something that you love, open your mind, expand your thinking, and look into your heart. You and the Universe are a great team. Imagine the possibilities!

As for me, I choose to believe. How about you?

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