“Exercise for Weight Loss” is an article series detailing the most successful exercise strategies that can be used to assist in speeding up the weight loss process, and help you end-up with a sleek, toned physique once your body weight gets down to your goal-weight. 

What else does strength training do for you?

By now, I’m sure you’ve figured out that strength training is important, because being stronger makes your body more resistant to injury, and recover faster if you are injured. It also makes you healthier in general daily life.

Let’s look at how it does this:

1.     Stronger bones

First, strength training makes your bones stronger, because they need to thicken up to resist breaking against the weight you’re moving in your exercises. For women, this is a big deal, because osteoporosis is a horrible thing to deal with, and stronger bones make you less susceptible to it.

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2.     More fit and able

Strength training also makes your heart stronger in a real-life meaningful way. While running and other cardio activities can help you, it’s very seldom that you’ll need to endure a sub-maximal heart rate for a long time. You’re much more likely to need to exert yourself for a short period of intense activity. Weight training does exactly this. A set of squats will take less than a minute, but your heart rate will shoot up and stay there for that whole time.

3.     Stronger – physically and mentally

Speaking of which, weight training helps you learn to do difficult things. Putting weight on your back and squatting it over and over again is tough. This prepares you for the other tough things life will throw at you.

4.     More calories burned

Lastly, strength training makes you burn more calories than you did before, because larger muscle mass burns more energy than smaller muscle mass, meaning you’ll get leaner too.

There are many other health benefits of strength training, but we’ll save those for next time. For now, start doing something about improving your state of strength, and your life will improve along with it.

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