Appliances are more than just functional gadgets for our homes anymore, now the appliances you choose are a statement of style – and lifestyle

Our favourites might not be anywhere near cheap, but they are a perfect combination of everything you’re looking for in kitchen appliances. While they aren’t going to work themselves or magically turn you into a master chef they will definitely make want to take more kitchen pictures for social media.

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We still aren’t over Ziyanda appliances

They caused a stir on social media when they were launched with astronomical price tags and though we obviously aren’t the target market, we can still dream.

This toaster is like an African space ship and we are all for it.

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Ready to join the Smeg club

People may have been bitter about Mohale’s not so stealthy Smeg kettle club post supposedly about his love for rooibos, but we stan. Not only are we in full support of people showing off their beautiful appliances, but we want to join the club too.

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Smeg retro kettle R2999 Yuppichef

Imagine the possibilities

Forget all the stand mixer appliances, we want the Ankasum stand mixer with sleek Swiss design, chrome finishes and more power behind it than any appliance in our kitchens.

It kneads bread, makes pasta and is practically the personal chef we all wish we had.


Ankarsrum Original Kitchen Assistant Stand Mixer R12499, Yuppichef

The mansion of fridges

A huge fridge with double doors and double drawers is a meal prepper’s dream. You can store all your prepared meals, ready to blend smoothies and all the groceries for the mere mortals you live with.

Aside from the practical reasons we love this Samsung fridge, it is also absolutely gorgeous.

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Samsung 510l Frost free French door fridge R39999, Brands unlimited

A microwave that can grill

According to all the rave reviews, this microwave can grill, and not the steamed grey steaks we can ‘grill’ in our R599 microwaves, we are talking well-browned grills you actually want to eat.


Whirlpool 33 supreme chef microwave R4599, Makro