Glutathione is the new buzzword on the market, and we investigate whether it could be a beauty benefit…

Glutathione is the latest buzzword to circulate both the beauty and health worlds but, as always, it is surrounded by many questions, concerns, promises and much controversy.

While we aren’t medical professionals, we do know a thing or two about beauty, so we thought we’d help you figure out if glutathione is something you should be including in your beauty routine…

What is glutathione?

First thing’s first – you need to know what we’re even talking about, right! Simply put, glutathione is one super powerful antioxidant.

We’ve already got it in every single cell in our body, and it does a range of important things for us, including helping break down free radicals, regenerating vitamins C and E and making DNA. Some research has shown a link between low glutathione levels and the presence of certain diseases, which is why there is now quite a buzz around taking it in the form of a supplement.

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Can glutathione benefit my skin?

Because it is an antioxidant, it can definitely benefit your skin. Antioxidants reduce the effects of free radicals, and can help make the skin appear more radiant. It can also help with wrinkles and puffiness. And while these are all great results – who doesn’t want more youthful looking skin? – these aren’t really the reasons people seem to be turning to glutathione…

What has glutathione been used for?

Through taking glutathione, numerous people began to see another effect on the skin; that it was getting lighter. Yip, one of the main beauty-related reasons that the antioxidant has been trending is because it is thought to be a great skin lightener, as it is said to inhibit the production of the enzyme that helps produce melanin, and converts it to a lighter hue.

Because of this, certain places internationally started offering glutathione IVs, capsules and even injections, as the results were allegedly more intense.

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But does it really work?

Well, according to people who have tried the treatment, it really does. However, the concern is the fact that there really isn’t much research around this at this stage, and the long-lasting side effects are not yet known.

There’s also the fact that injecting or ingesting anything that isn’t completely regulated is definitely risky. While actual results cannot be argued with – many people who used some form of glutathione reported seeing definitive skin lightening results while feeling amazing – the fact that there were reports of serious rashes, thyroid and kidney problems means there is much to be desired at this stage.

So, could my beauty routine benefit from glutathione?

Well, the short answer is that is definitely can – but it depends what results you’re looking for. We don’t think that anyone needs to alter the shade of their skin – every skin tone is beautiful – glutathione being present in a supplement to support a range of skin and health benefits isn’t a bad thing.

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