There’s a new beauty trend on the block, and it’s a super easy one to execute! Find out all about the clean colour make-up trend, and you can thank us later…

We know, we know – you’re probably looking at the headline and thinking: “Here we go, another beauty trend!”

And we get it; sometimes it feels like we are inundated with new trends, but they really are just fun new ideas to try when doing your make-up to keep things fresh and interesting, and this one really is pretty fabulous, we promise!

So, before you’re scared off, find out exactly what this clean colour make-up trend is…

Alright, you’ve caught my attention. What is this clean colour make-up trend?

You may remember that eye shadow was having a major colourful moment last year. It was all about neon hues, bright liner and a more-is-more mentality. Well, the love of colour hasn’t gone anywhere, but the overall look has been given a make-under for 2020, and we love it.

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Dior’s international make-up artist, Ricky Wilson, coined the term when putting together a look that was a bit more wearable for us mere mortals; rather than a full neon eye with a full face, the skin, lips and cheeks are all completely pared back for the clean colour make-up trend, giving you a generally ‘clean’ look, with a mighty splash of ‘colour’.

Well this sounds doable, right?

Right! Those brighter hues that you’re always afraid to touch in your eye shadow palettes are finally being given a chance – and we hope you’ll take it!

There really are no rules when it comes to which colour or colours you use and exactly how, the only thing is that your eyes are very much the star of the show, and the rest of your face looks pretty much bare. Think BB cream and clear lip gloss… yip, a time-saving make-up look at its best!

I might actually give this a try, but I need some inspiration…

We’re glad you asked! Here are a just a few of the endless ways to try the clean-colour make-up trend that we love…

Two-toned glam

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still obsessed with this gorgeous eye @priscillaono did on me using @fentybeauty, @byalissaashley also took some amazing photos of the finished product.

Pick to of your favourite bright shades, and use one on the outer half of the lid, and the other on the inner half. No need to worry about blending or any of that admin! For extra points, use the inner shade to line the bottom lid – no liner needed!

Lovely liner

We don’t think you’ll find a simpler or more effective make-up look. All that you need to do here is pick your favourite colour shadow or liner, and create a bold line on your upper lash line. Go thicker than you would with your normal eyeliner and finish off with a lick of mascara. Voila!

Subtle vibes

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