By Veronica Logan

As with every new year that passes, 2020 offers new opportunities for us to express creativity in our everyday lives, workplaces, and most importantly, our homes

One exciting change could be in the form of home renovations and if, like us, renovating sounds like a daunting prospect, why not take things slow and tackle one room at a time?

For us, the best place to start is the bathroom – it’s one area of the house you spend a lot of time in and for most, it can be a place of absolute sanctuary. Definitely a good room to focus on for sure! So where to start?

What’s hot in the world of bathrooms for 2020?

If you’re wanting answers, look no further – here are three top bathroom décor trends we’ve noticed so far this year for you to try out at home:

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1. Create an impact

Both 2018 and 2019 saw the home décor world moving closer and closer to darker, moodier styles and 2020 sees these officially land! More and more modern bathrooms are moving towards being all black or at the very least, incorporating pops of black in the form of light fixtures, mirrors, vanities and even taps – yip, matte black tap ware is very much the rage if you like a bit of drama and flair!

That said, if going all black is too much of a jump, you can also opt for another kind of statement piece or finish in the form of metallic finishes for a completely different look and feel. Brushed nickel, for example, has become increasingly popular given it’s subtler look and highly adaptable nature when it comes to décor.

If black is not your cup of tea, golds and shades of brass are also top choices when it comes to finishes or fixtures

Image: Katarzyna Bia?


Think different shades across basins, toilets and décor accessories – the sky’s the limit! Nowadays, the options of these finishes are also vast so you can go with something more fresh and modern like a satin or matte finish. These shades will also bring in a warmer, more sleek and polished feel to your bathroom which is never a bad thing.

Timber-finishes are also becoming a popular look so try this out with a timber vanity or bathroom cabinets for a softer, more personal feeling

Image: Katarzyna Bia?


Similarly, you can also re-look the traditional shape and style of tap ware. Square-shaped tap ware will create a bold, masculine finish while curved tap ware will lend itself to a more fresh, feminine look. Take making a visual impact one step further and match the shape or line of whatever taps you choose with the shape and line of your basin or bath. For example, pair an oval-shaped bath with rounded or curved taps.

Finally, don’t be afraid of incorporating wooden tones and accents as these work perfectly with light or dark bathrooms alike! Wood accents also compliment metallic finishes so it’s no surprise they are resurfacing in 2020.

2. Opt for fancy but functional

Your shower will always be a practical place of sanctuary and 2020 sees the addition of a bit of luxury to this space. While this doesn’t mean you have to forgo functionality, you can look to incorporate a bit of luxe into your daily showers through the use of a rain shower head, a twin shower or even opting for an open shower! Rain showers are great for that beautiful, natural feeling but twin showers give one the best of both, pairing that overhead rain shower with a smaller, hand-held equivalent to make sure every bit of you is pampered!

Something equally fancy but functional to consider is what your bathroom walls look like. Apart from giving them a fresh coat of paint as suggested earlier, you can also re-look the walls themselves. Materials like concrete or marble are back in style so don’t be afraid to try something bold in this regard.

3. Make a statement

As always, statement pieces are in fashion and 2020 is no different! While there was a huge push towards subway tiles in previous years, new and fresher shapes, finishes and colours of tiles are on offer! Updated styles of hexagon, arabesque, diamond or chevron tiles are now on offer in a myriad of textures and colours – perfect for making a statement!

Also don’t be afraid to limit their use to just the floors – these striking options can be used as backsplashes, on the walls of the shower as well as even on the ceiling for an even bolder statement! You can take things one step further with the use of big and bold pattern! The choices of patterns available nowadays are endless, so you’re more likely to struggle with picking just one!

A statement basin is another option to consider so be a little adventurous in your choices this year! Modern basins are more rectangular than the traditional circle of the past and look amazing when paired with square-shaped tap ware! Similarly, you can pair a large oval basin with an eye-catching tap in a bold, metallic finish.

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As can be seen, 2020 is all about changing things up and making a splash (no pun intended!) as much as possible! That said, if you aren’t keen to go all out or are working on a budget, you don’t have to settle for less! Consider giving your bathroom walls a fresh coat of paint in one of the year’s popular décor colours (even if tiled!) or incorporating some natural greenery in the form of potted plants – throw in some new towels, and you’ll be good to go!

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