Keeping a home organised and uncluttered is key to living well in a small space, so here are some ways to squeeze more storage space into a small home…

If you live in a small home, you know that it can quickly look like a cluttered mess. The solution is making sure that you have a place for everything.

In the following video, Kallie Branciforte, from the YouTube channel But First, Coffee!, shares her tips for squeezing more storage into a small home. Watch the video and read the take-home tips below.


Take-home tips

  • Make sure that everything in your home has a place
  • Get a label maker – it helps everyone in your home know where to put things away.
  • Add ceiling height shelves in a small space where you need more storage
  • Utilise unused space
  • Under the bed – use plastic storage bins to help store extra bedding
  • Try to put things away throughout the day

Small living room makeover

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