Whether you’re starting a new garden or improving an existing one, here are some ways to save money when planting a garden…

Gardening is a great hobby – it’s proven to be good for your mental health, it can help fight climate change and improve biodiversity – all while giving you and your family a lovely looking outdoor space to enjoy.

However, it can be costly when you need to buy new plants. To keep your green fingers out of your wallet, here are some ways to plant a garden on the cheap…

Become a member of your local nursery

Okay, it means carrying around another card in your wallet but joining a nursery member loyalty programme can save you hundreds of rands every year.

Many of the programmes allow you to earn cash-back points, get extra member-only discounts, free plants and be the first to know when plants are on sale.

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Start small

If you have the patience, buying smaller, younger plants, shrubs and trees is a lot cheaper than buying the larger version.

And when it comes to trees, you could save yourself thousands when buying young but fast-growing trees that will cost a fraction of what medium to large trees do.

Propagate like you’re running a nursery

Fill your garden by propagating new plants from the plants you already have and love.

Succulents, like echeveria and spekboom, can be easily propagated by breaking or cutting off a shoot or branch, planting into well-composted soil, and watering.

Lavender and geraniums are also easy to grow from cuttings planted and watered daily for about two weeks.

Agapanthus, clivia, wild garlic, hen-and-chicken and burn jelly (Bulbine frutescens) plants all have offshoots that grow around the main plant and form ‘clumps’. These can be regularly divided and spread out in the garden.

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