Keeping the interior of your car looking clean is a great way to present a good image of yourself, as well as ensure your environment is one that uplifts your soul…

Caring for your upholstery will also help keep your resale value as high as possible

One of the simplest ways to keep the seats looking good all the time is to stow a lint roller in the glove compartment. A few quick swipes to pick up stray hairs and crumbs will keep the upholstery looking spic and span.

While you’re at it, toss a packet of baby wipes in there too.

Most stains can be dealt with with minimal impact provided they’re attended to speedily, but you can’t always guarantee access to a bathroom when ‘oopsies’ happen.

With wet wipe on hand, you’ll be able to clean the mess up before it has time to set.

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With a little daily care, your car will stay looking great ‘til the next time it goes for a valet.