A DIY brow tint make sound super scary, but find out why we’ll never pay for a professional one ever again…

Over the years, I’ve finally come to accept the fact that brows are, quite simply, not my strong point. Not only was I born with longer, sparse hairs that are slightly more fair than I would like, I also just don’t have the talent required to fill them in with my make-up without looking like a version of Maleficent. Because of this, I’ve been getting my brows professionally tinted and shaped for quite some time now. 

But all that changed when I watched an Insta story by brow guru and Joburg-based influencer @BrandSlut where she suggested everyone give a DIY brow tint a try.

Her IGTV video tutorial had me absolutely sold, and I was soon off to get myself the Julienne Brow Tint Kit and give this brow tinting thing a go. Here’s what went down…

(Sidenote: I couldn’t find the exact same Julienne kit @BrandSlut uses in her video, but they’re pretty much exactly the same.)

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What will I get in my brow kit?

Your pack includes everything you need: a spoolie brush, the dye (be sure the select the correct colour for you), the activator cream and a simple plastic container for you to mix your dye. I picked mine up from Dis-Chem for R119,95 – cheaper than a salon dye job, and the dye in this kit will last for ages!


What went down?

Following @BrandSlut’s advice, I used the spoolie to brush and prep my clean brows, making sure all the hairs were where they should be. Then began the dyeing, and the process really couldn’t be simpler; put a small blob of dye in the container, add an equal amount of the activator cream, mix thoroughly with your spoolie brush and you’re good to go.

Slowly and steadily start applying product to your brows with the spoolie, taking care to make sure all your hairs get covered. I kept a piece of cotton wool with some make-up remover on standby for any dye that went rogue, but I didn’t need it nearly as much as I thought I would.

After allowing the dye time to do its magic, a simple wipe of a wet cotton pad over my brows revealed delightfully darkened and fab looking brows. Yes – I was well impressed!

Any tips?

Leave the dye on five minutes longer than your gut tells you. In my experience, they tend to err on the more cautious side on the instructions (understandably!), but you want your hairs to really absorb the dye and for it to last as long as possible, so you need to give it some time. @BrandSlut recommends leaving it on for at least 30minutes, and I’ve seen her brows – fleek doesn’t do them enough justice!

Julienne Brow Tint Kit product review: Verdict

Guys, I’m no make-up pro, but this was seriously way easier than I ever imagined. You really just need to put that fear aside – the dye WILL come off your face, your brows WON’T be ‘too dark’ forever, and no, you won’t burn them off! I am totally and completely sold, and don’t plan on getting my eyebrows professionally tinted ever again.

@BrandSlut’s IGTV video: