It’s time to have a little bit of fun with your earrings, and these piercing trends will allow you to do just that…

Gone are the days where the standard one piercing in each ear lobe was the norm, or where you were considered to be a serious rebel if you dared to get a second piercing in your lobe – let alone anywhere else!

These days, there’s a serious art to where your piercings are and what beautiful jewellery you adorn them with. Over the past year or so, there there have been a few definite trends with jewellery, and in 2020, the piercing trends are vast, fun and oh-so fabulous!

So if you’re thinking of a little change this year, why not try one of these?

What’s what?

Before we get started on any trends, we need to learn the terminology; no one wants to arrive for a piercing and request the wrong thing, right?! Here’s a little diagram to get you acquainted with the correct terminology…

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The overall trend in the piercing realm is the asymmetrical look; two lobe, a conch and a mid-helix piercing on one ear, and one or three lobe piercings on the other – the options really are endless, so spend a bit of time playing around with some ideas.



You can relax – this isn’t as hardcore as it sounds! This refers to two piercings which are really closely stacked, resembling where the two teeth of a snakebite would hit – hence the name. The more common spot for this is on the helix (mid or forward), and the 2020 thing to do it pop in two mis-matched little studs.

Floating cartilage

While we know a piercing in your cartilage is not going to be on the lower side of the pain scale (sorry!), a piercing on the flat of your ear can look oh-so pretty. This is where 2020 has upped the trend game, and a beautiful – potentially even bling – earring is certainly the way to go here!

A cuffed conch

Hey – we don’t make up the names here! As you may (or may not) know, cuffs were a big trend last year, and this follows that. The conch is the part of your ear about halfway up, and while a little stud has been the previous go-to jewellery, a cuff – or three – is this year’s must-have.

Super stacked lobe

This is one you’ve surely seen, as when it comes to the earlobe, more is certainly more. Having a whole bunch of piercings up the lobe has somewhat become the norm, thanks to all the beautiful jewellery options out there. Mismatched earrings are the way to go with this one, and here’s where you can really fly that asymmetrical flag. Remember, though, that not all earlobes are the same, and what looked great on your bestie might not quite work for depending on the shape and thickness of your lobe, so consult the pro here. 

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All eyes (and ears) on you 👁

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