Cleansing doesn’t only have to be a drag – here’s how to rev up your routine and improve your skin while you’re at it…

We need to cleanse our skin twice a day, every day. It’s a mundane task but if you have any hope of decent skin it needs to be done.

Here are a few ways to improve on – and add a bit of variation – to an otherwise mundane task.

1. Change textures

Sometimes we do things the same way for so long that we forget other options exist. While old habits may die hard, they’re not unbreakable.

Try changing the texture of your cleanser for a different sensorial experience – the upcoming change of season is as good a reason as any to add a new cleanser to your routine. If you usually use a gel, try a foam. If you’re used to cleansing with a lotion and cotton wool, try a rinse-off milk or cream cleanser.

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2. The hot cloth method

The way you remove cleanser can make a significant difference to your overall skin condition. The heat from the cloth has a softening effect, which makes the removal of debris, oil and makeup easier. The texture also provides a little more of a deep cleanse without over-exfoliating your skin. You can read about it in more detail here.

3. Double cleanse

If you’re not already double cleansing, you should definitely start – especially at night. The first cleanses serves to remove the day’s makeup, oil, dust and pollution. The second cleanse is to remove the last traces of the aforementioned, and to cleanse your actual skin. This also boosts circulation, which in turn benefits radiance and elasticity in the long run.

You can use two different cleansers if you’d like to add additional variation.

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4. Throw in a gadget

There are various cleansing brushes and other tools to supercharge the first step in your skincare routine. They provide a deep cleanse and mild exfoliation, barring you use them correctly. These tools should be used conservatively and cautiously though – overuse of many of these tools can lead to long term skin damage.

5. Have a fallback SOS cleanser

Every now and then you may find yourself too lazy/tired/rushed to properly cleanse your skin. Have an easy, rinse-free option like a micellar water and cotton wool or face wipes handy so you don’t plonk into bed with the whole day’s pollutants and makeup on.

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