Since feng shui is a top home decor trend of 2020, here are some tips to help feng shui your living room…

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of organising and decorating a home to encourage positive energy (Chi) to help ensure good health and prosperity.

Feng shui principles tend to make interior design sense since there is a focus on improving the flow of a home while making it look calm and uncluttered.

Create space

The first step is to make sure that your living room feels as spacious as possible,” says feng shui master Marie Diamond.

You can do this by ensuring that there is space around every piece of furniture, which Diamond says helps create space for good communication and space for each other.

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The seating plan

Suzanne Harper, the author of the Feng shui Wealth Guide, says that if you have a fireplace, you should arrange the seating around it.

Never place a couch with its back to the entrance of the room, which is not welcoming. Instead, position the largest sofa so that you can see the door into the living room. This is the command position and it allows you to see people as they enter the room and welcome them.

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