There’s nothing like enveloping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel after a bath- but if you’re noticing irritating little fuzz balls all over your towels and less absorbance, it’s time for an intervention…

These balls occur on cheaper towels as the cotton frays and breaks.

They’re an expensive purchase, so if you want to fix the issue, toss them in the dryer with a stiff laundry back or even just a piece of netting.

It will create enough abrasion to shear them off without harming the towel.

Toss a cup of vinegar or citric acid into their next wash and skip the fabric softener.

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All it does is coat the cotton in a waxy substance that reduces their ability to hold water.

Going forward, always look for ‘combed cotton’ towels.

The way the thread is looped prevents fraying, and your towels will last much longer for the money.