Everyone’s had that moment of dread when they first have to wash a brightly coloured shirt. Will everything else suddenly come out pink?

One of the most common pieces of advice you’ll see is to toss a cup of vinegar, or one of salt water, into the mix to stop the bleed.

Sadly, this is based on a faulty principle.

Certain dyes, on virgin fabric, will indeed need these processes to ‘set’ the dye- but that doesn’t apply to your newest Tee.

That’s long since passed the stage, and other processes have been used on top of the dye too.

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Sadly, this is more Old Wives’ Tale than real advice.

Rather invest in a ‘colour catcher’ to place in the wash with new items, and wash on cold temperatures for the first few washes.

This will also help prevent fading over time, and most modern detergents work great even in cold water.