Perhaps you need to get out the door fast, and all your work shirts were wet. Or maybe the laundry got damp overnight…

It doesn’t matter what the drying emergency is, this simple tip will ensure that your laundry dries faster every time.

It couldn’t be easier, either. Much as you will add a damp, wrung out towel to the dryer if you need to steam or de-wrinkle a garment, you can use a dry towel to speed up the drying process.

Simply throw the towel in with the items you need to get dry, and set the dryer going.

Remember to clean your lint filter for better air circulation, and to ensure that you regularly wipe the back of the appliance to keep dust at bay, too, so there’s no risk to the dryer or yourself from the generated heat.

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You’ll shave about 30% off the drying time, on average, without sacrificing anything else in the drying process. It’s win-win!