Find the perfect spot for your perfect rug. Where you place your rug affects how you use it practically and how it makes your room and floor space look

Finding the perfect rug is one thing, but finding the perfect place to put it in your house is another. Avoid making common mistakes that can turn the perfect rug into a perfect disaster. These tips and tricks will help you find the perfect place to put your rug.

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Don’t create unintentional boarders

Aerial rugs are a great way to create wall-free boarders in open multi-purpose spaces. Placing a rug on the outer side of the room can make it seem like you are separating your space even if you don’t mean to.

Having a rug on the outside of your main space also isn’t very practical. Use your rug to centre a room instead. This means you’ll have a soft warm place to put your feet and also warm the room a little on cold days.

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A rug can also focus all the aspects of your décor and bring your room together perfectly.

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Match your rug size to your room size

A small rug can be hard to place in a big room. The only fashionable place for a small rug is in front of your kitchen sink or next to your bathtub.

Bigger is better when it comes to rugs. Place the rug centrally and arrange your furniture around it. Don’t keep the furniture on the edge of your rug though.  Allow your furniture to step over the edges of your rug to create the illusion that it covers more of your floor than it does and prevent your rug from creating a border.

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Match the rug type with the traffic in your space

Soft shag rugs are beautiful; they feel great under your feet first thing in the morning, but they’re not going to last in high traffic areas.

Light carpets or textured rugs are gorgeous, but they don’t do well when they’re always trampled on and might get ruined with regular washing.