If you’re thinking about putting your property on the market, here are 7 DIY home improvements to help sell your home…

Renovating a home before putting it on the market doesn’t have to lead to over-capitalising, there are plenty of affordable upgrades that you can do to help you to sell your home for the best price.

According to the DIY experts at Brights Hardware, the family-owned hardware stores, the following seven affordable DIY renovations are worth considering before putting your home on the market…

1. A coat of neutral colour

A simple coat of paint in a neutral shade is a great place to start when preparing your house for resale, says Orlando Luis, CEO of Brights Hardware.

“This update can be completed without a huge investment of time or money – you can even do the painting yourself to save on labour costs.”

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2. Improve the first impression

Freshening up the curb appeal of your home is a good place to start as the front entrance is the first thing potential buyers see.

“Improve your first impression by painting your front door – a brightly coloured front door will make your home more memorable. Adding some new handles to the door once the paint is dry will have your front door looking good as new. If the door is beyond rescue, replace it with a new one – just ensure that the new door fits into the existing door frame. For a finishing touch, position some pots with ornamental trees or flowers alongside the door.”

3. In the heart of the home

Kitchen cabinets are highly visible, but replacing them can easily eat into any profit you hope to make from your home sale.

If your kitchen cabinets are in terrible condition and falling apart, you may have little choice but to install new ones. For cabinets that are in good shape but need an update, the better option is to paint them.

“There are paint products available on the market that will allow you to paint kitchen cabinets a fresh new colour – whether your cabinets are wood or melamine. Once the paint has dried, add some new handles to complete the overhaul.”

Small living room makeover

4. Small spa-worthy updates for the bathroom

Bathrooms are always high on potential buyers’ lists so before putting your home up for sale, consider making small updates to this essential room.

According to Brights some of the best bathroom remodels include small changes like:

  • Fitting new taps and shower-heads is an easy way to modernise and refresh this space.
  • Refresh the grouting around the bath and shower. Get rid of mould stained grouting and peeling silicone.
  • De-clutter the bathroom and add storage space by installing a modern bathroom cabinet.
  • If your budget allows, re-tiling the bathroom in a neutral tile is a sure-fire way to reinvigorate this essential space.

5. Lighten up

New light fixtures are another great way to revitalise and modernise a home.

“There are so many different styles and types to choose from – best is to try and choose a simple and timeless style that won’t go out of fashion too quickly and which is likely to appeal to a broad target market of potential buyers,” advises Luis.

6. Declutter

A thorough declutter is the easiest thing to do before putting a house on the market to help speed up the sale.

Clearing out cupboards and other storage areas will help your home appear roomier and make it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves living in your home,” says Luis.

“Excess belongings make it hard for potential buyers to see themselves in the space and stuffed cupboards may make it appear like there is not enough storage.”

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7. Tidy up the garden

The outside of your home is important for attracting viewers and closing the deal. Update your landscaping by clearing weeds, edging your pavement and driveway, and trimming trees and bushes.

You may also want to consider removing patchy, brown and unhealthy grass and replacing it with gravel/stone chip – which gives gardens an instant uplift and also means far less hassle in the summertime.

“You can also quickly create an outdoor alfresco entertainment area by laying down paving stones – perhaps in the shade of a tree, near to a water feature or the swimming pool,” says Luis.

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Remember, updating your home to sell won’t necessarily reflect your personal style, it’s about making your home look as appealing as possible to as many potential buyers as possible.