A cottage-style garden bed is an informal style of garden bed full of blooms and fragrance. Here’s how to get the look…

In the following video, Laura LeBoutillier of Garden Answer shares her top 10 tips for planting a cottage-style garden and shows us how it’s done.

Watch the video and read the take-home tips below…


The take-home tips

  1. Don’t plant in straight lines
  2. Plant in large groupings with just a few plants
  3. Spacing doesn’t matter – you want plants to be close
  4. Create harmony with the colours of blooms
  5. Choose plants with different heights, textures and bloom times
  6. Add structural elements, like sections of picket fencing or a garden fountain or an anchor plant
  7. Include fragrant plants
  8. You don’t have to keep this style of garden perfectly maintained
  9. Cottage gardens change from year-to-year so treat it like an evolving process
  10. Establishing a cottage garden may take time, especially if you have a big garden


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