Since feng shui is a top home decor trend of 2020, here are some tips for choosing a colours scheme and wall decor to help feng shui your bedroom…

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of organising and decorating a home to encourage positive energy (Chi) to help ensure good health and prosperity.

Feng shui principles tend to make interior design sense since there is a focus on improving the flow of a home while making it look calm and uncluttered.

A feng shui colour scheme for bedrooms

Feng shui master Marie Diamond says that colours that work well in bedrooms include earth colours like beige, tans, yellows and peaches.

“If you need to paint the walls, make sure it’s kind of a beige wall colour to calm the energy down,” says Diamond.

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What colours should you avoid in the bedroom?

Diamond warns against using a lot of fire colours, like red, in the bedroom as it’s too energising and can make it harder to sleep. She also warns against using too much blue, black and green in a bedroom.

This doesn’t mean that you have to ban these colours from the bedroom. You could use your favourite colours as accent colours but avoid using red, blue, black and green to cover large spaces – like painting a feature wall red.

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