It’s not just our homes that get grungy! While we’re all good at cleaning out our loose hairs from the hairbrush (we are, right?), it’s still natural for these items to get grungy over time…

Make-up brushes left on a dresser or basin can even lead to long-term discolouration of these surfaces if a little damp interacts with the pigment. So how do you keep your dresser top spic-and-span and your brushes hygienic?

The answer isn’t another expensive cleaning product, although specialist brush cleaners exist.

You can achieve exactly the same effect, however, with some dilute shampoo in a warm water solution.

This sudsy water will soon rinse away product build-up and leave your brushes (and your counter-top) gleaming again.

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Clean isn’t just for dishes! Keep the items closest to you squeaky-clean too, and you’ll soon see the benefit.