The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) has ordered all formal wholesalers, retailers and informal traders to remove and stop selling 400g pilchards in tomato sauce and 400g pilchards in chili sauce with immediate effect

This follows the outcome of the investigation which the organisation conducted that revealed a deficiency in the canning process.

The organisation said that the affected products bear the markings starting with ZST29 and ZSC29 on top of the cans and urged consumers who have purchased the products to return it for a full refund.

Addressing the media in Tshwane on Tuesday, Food and Associated Industries General Manager at the NRCS, Meisie Katz, said that they were recalling all products packaged in June 2019.

Katz explained that they discovered that, during the process of the sauce filling step, an incision took place, which makes the cans leak after some time.

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She explained that there was no problem with the content, but the problem was with the packaging of the content.

“Some of the cans were compromised during the sauce filling step on the production line, therefore could affect the safety of consumers,” said Katz.

“The problem manifests itself after months of storage, which causes the content of the can to react with the metal of the can.”

The affected products were manufactured in 2019 by West Point Processors, based in Cape Town and have been distributed nationally to various retailers across the country.

Katz said that the signs of the affected products show after three to six months from the packaging date.

“Any can leaking can compromise the safety of consumers. We are recalling them. They should not be in the market,” said Katz.

She said that food safety was a priority for the NRCS and the organisation was engaging all role players to ensure that the affected products were removed from the market to protect consumers against unsafe products.

Katz said that the manufacturer has already started the recall and the NRCS will continue to monitor the process with all the other wholesalers and retailers, including the informal market, to ensure that the process is handled efficiently.

Shoprite is one of the retailers that has urged consumers to check their food cupboards and return the recalled product to its stores for a refund.

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Author: ANA Newswire