Are you keen to minimise your childrenâ??s intake of junk food during the Easter celebrations?  If so, here are some useful alternatives to Easter junk food for kids.

It’s a tradition for most families that the Easter Bunny sneaks around during the night quietly hiding treats ready for the Easter-egg hunt on Easter morning.  But are you concerned about your childrenâ??s intake of junk food during Easter?

We all want our children to experience a fun-filled Easter.  However, if youâ??d rather your child experience a healthier Easter as well, then here are some alternatives to Easter junk food for kids:

1.  Use dyed hard-boiled eggs for your kids instead of Easter junk food

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Many kids enjoy dyeing and decorating hard-boiled eggs with their parents the night before Easter. Use decorated hard-boiled eggs for your childrenâ??s Easter-egg hunt instead of chocolate or mallow eggs.  Encourage your child to eat the hard-boiled eggs after finding them.

2.  Think of autumn gardening activities

Many plants can be planted in autumn.  Include a package or two of seeds in the Easter-egg hunt, along with a plastic spade and mini watering can. This is a great way to bond with your children and educate them on gardening.

3.  Think of small Christmas stocking ideas

A lot of small “inserts”, such as rubber ducks, matchbox cars, a small Easter stuffed animal, some Easter related stickers, a box of chalk or a bottle of bubbles are great little treats for children. Use Easter to also “refill” on small school supplies, for example pencils, erasers or little notebooks.

4.  Prepare small bags of healthy snacks instead of Easter junk food

Small paper bags of healthy snacks will be a great substitute for low quality sugar-laden sweets and chocolates with harmful colourants and flavourings.  Examples of healthy snacks in place of Easter junk food include:

  • Raw unsalted almonds or pecans

  • Dried fruit, such as banana chips or cranberries

  • Popcorn is a winner with children, but be sure to make it at home with a bit of salt and lots of real unprocessed butter.  Much of commercial popcorn contains artificial chemical food additives harmful to health

  • Whole grain biscuits with a few slices of white cheese

  • A small slab of dark chokkie (70% cocoa)

5.  Give your child a special treat

Include a movie or theatre ticket, a few coins or a bank note in your childrenâ??s Easter-egg hunt.

At the end of the day your children will have some items to use or play with instead of uncomfortable tummies filled with Easter junk food.
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