Head lice is a common condition experienced by children throughout the world. It is not due to poor hygiene or because your house is unclean!

Little girls are four times more frequently infested than boys. Eggs (or nits) are white and tear-drop shaped. They are found near the scalp, behind ears and at the back of the neck because lice don’t like light. When you do discover head lice, the best thing to do is to treat it immediately!

Head lice can be treated in the following ways;


Shave the hair of an infested head. It is an easy and quick method and is suitable for boys

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Comb and pick 

A fine metal nit picking comb can be purchased from a pharmacy. This method of combing and picking is time consuming and tedious but is necessary.


There are many lice shampoos on the market so be smart and do your research on choosing a suitable one. Ask the shop assistants or pharmacist for assistance if required.

As preventative measures:

  • Donâ??t forget to wash and heat dry anything the infested hair has come into contact with. This includes bed-sheets, pillows, blankets, jackets, hats, etc.

  • Your children should not share hats, hair-bands or anything that touches hair with friends.

  • Do a lice check in your house once a month.

Head lice happens and is common among children. As a parent, you should not feel alone and ashamed when it happens in your house.  Seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist if unsure on what to do or which products to use.

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