Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 02:02 pm

It’s never too early to start baking with your kids…

Spending time together in the kitchen can be a memorable experience – and what better way to do so with your little one, than to get baking!

Now, we know, that a lot of moms are put off baking because they either, a) don’t know what they’re doing or b) don’t feel like cleaning up the tornado-of-a-mess that comes with allowing your child near a bag of flour!

But, among all the mess, there’s a host of benefits to be gained…

Benefits of baking

  • Baking encourages your little one to focus, building his or her attention span
  • Mixing and stirring enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination
  • Measuring works on maths ability
  • Recipe reading boosts literacy
  • Baking builds vocabulary as your child encounters uncommon words (like beat and sift) that he or she may not have heard before
  • Tasks like icing and decorating encourages creativity
  • Baking makes for quality time, connection and thus, inspires family bonding

3 Tips for baking with kids

1. Choose a simple recipe

When it comes to baking with your toddler, the simpler the better…

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… think a pre-mix, to which you only need add eggs or milk.

As you get more comfortable together in the kitchen, you can work your way up to more complex recipes.

Remember, it’s not what you make but the experience that it’s important!

2. Get familiar with the recipe BEFORE you start…

… because if you’re poring over a recipe, who is watching your toddler with the open bag of flour and carton of eggs?

Just saying.

3. Be prepared for the mess!

Have some wet wipes or paper towels on hand to clean spillages and sticky fingers. Try not to get wrapped up in how much of a mess your little one is making – it’s after all, nothing that a broom and a wet cloth can’t fix.

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