We all want our children to be honest and to tell the truth â?? especially when itâ??s not easy for them. When we teach our children to be honest, we help them develop into individuals with responsibility, tact and compassion.

1.  It is common knowledge that children learn from their parents. If children know that their parents are comfortable telling lies, it will be easier for them to follow suit. The way your children grow up and mature is your responsibility. Children know when their parents are dishonest and will notice when their parents tell lies.

2.  Make sure that your children grow up in a warm, loving and safe environment where they will not be scared of being honest. So when they do make mistakes, they feel they can admit them honestly and seek out your help.

3.  Praise your children when theyâ??re honest with you (even if youâ??re very angry about what they told you or what they did).

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4.  If reprimand or chastisement is unavoidable, then make it extremely clear that while his/her honesty was appreciated, itâ??s the deed itself that needs to be addressed.

5.  Cater to your childrenâ??s curiosity and encourage their inquisitiveness by answering all their questions as honestly as possible.

There are, however, occasions in everyoneâ??s life when the choice might be to NOT be truthful. Explain to your children that there may be rare occasions in their lives when lying may be justifiable. An example could be a situation in which telling a lie could protect or save someone’s life.

Ancient Indian mythology says, “A lie told to protect someone, is far better than a 100 truths that will destroy him/her.”

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