Whether you love your makeup or wear it only under duress, there’s one thing for sure – it can be messy when things go wrong

From dropping it on hard surfaces in the bathroom to an overeager toddler playing dress-up, it’s easy for an expensive shade to become a hot mess. Lucky for you, you have us on your side!

Salvaging your makeup:

If you’d like to try and save the pressed powder, grab yourself some alcohol. Anything from a clean, 95% vodka to surgical spirits will do. Carefully rearrange the powder in the tub, and add a few drops of the alcohol. Press down very firmly with a suitably sized weight and a layer of tissue paper between your weight and the powder surface. You may want to leave the compact open for a day to allow the alcohol to evaporate away again.

Cleaning the mess:

The good news is that most makeup powder residue will come off with hot water and soap. Just use a lot of suds. If the fabric is leather or suede, make it extra-sudsy and blot on with a soft sponge. You can do likewise with wood- just be sure to rinse soap residue and apply a polish immediately after. Masonry, bluestone, terrazzo and sandstone are a little different. Here, it’s key to use a laundry detergent, not soap. Fabrics may respond well to that mix too, but some will need a few drops of ammonia on the wet fabric to sort out. If you’re out of luck, or it’s a delicate fabric, you may want to leave it to a dry cleaner.

Accidents happen, but they needn’t leave a mess with these simple tricks up your sleeve.

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