There’s nothing like the avocado for taste, health and beauty in a meal – unless your delicious, creamy avo starts browning up at the edges…

Here are a few neat tricks to help you keep your avo looking as great as it tastes until serving time.

Preparing ahead is totally possible! All you need to do is prepare an ice bath.

Once you’ve pre-cut your avos, keep them submerged in the icy water for up to four hours.

The ice keeps them crispy, while the water keeps oxygen away.

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It’s the oxygen that’s responsible for the browning, as it reacts with the flesh of the avo in a procedure called oxidation.

If you’re ready to serve your avo and just want it to look good on the plate, crack out the acids

Whether it’s a splash of vinegar or a hint of lemon, the acidity will also ward off oxidation long enough to keep your meal looking great.