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Since children who spend time in nature are healthy and happier, here are some tips for creating a natural outdoor play area in your garden…

It’s true – children who spend time in nature are healthier and happier.

Research from the University of Hong Kong found that kids who have a closer connection with nature are less distressed, less hyperactive, have fewer behavioural and emotional difficulties and have better pro-social behaviour.

Another study of children from two to 12 years old found that nature play improved children’s complex thinking skills, social skills and creativity.

According to the lead researcher Kylie Dankiw, nature play is all about playing freely with and in nature.

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“It’s about making mud pies, creating stick forts, having an outdoor adventure, and getting dirty,” says Dankiw. 

4 Natural outdoor play area ideas

Considering how much time spent in nature benefits kids, it’s not surprising that creating an outdoor play area is one of the top gardening trends for 2020. 

For those of us living in urban areas with small gardens, here are four ideas to help you turn your backyard into an outdoor play area for your kids…

1. Add a sandpit

Kids love digging and playing with mud, but if you don’t want them digging up your flower beds, give them a dedicated space of their own.  

You could clear a garden bed or buy a sandbox and fill it with play sand.

Yes, it’s messy, but once you add sand, buckets, spades and a bit of water, kids from one up will be building sandcastles and making mud pies for hours  – what’s not to love?!

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