So you bought the wig you could afford and need it to look like a lot more? Here’s how to do it without spending more money on your hair.

Wigs are a great option for bad hair days, instant makeovers and even as a stylish cover for your protect style. Although there are some awesome benefits to having a good wig, they can be expensive. Make do with the wig you can afford with these cheap tricks.

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The shorter the better

Shorter wigs generally last longer and don’t become tangled and matted as easily. If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly wig, look in the short hair sections because not only do they do better over time, but short wigs are also generally cheaper because they are made out of less hair.

If you have your heart set on a longer wig, try not to get one longer than shoulder length in the cheaper ranges and also be prepared to lose some inches over time. Aside from being nearly impossible to detangle, the ends of your wig may age faster than the rest of the hair.

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Avoid the silky smooth hair

Curls, coils and kinks disguise bad hair a lot better than silky smooth wigs. Curls and coils also age better than straight hair which, as we already mentioned, can tangle pretty badly and start looking more like old doll hair than human hair.

Afro wigs are a big trend right now and as you’d expect they aren’t really made of real afros and still look great. One of the best things about this style of wig is it avoids the plasticy sheen that makes even the best wigs look cheap and tacky.

Don’t compromise on your lace front

Since the introduction of lace front wigs, anything less has simply become unthinkable. While very few people (if any) will be convinced that your wig is actually your natural hair, it would work in your favour if they didn’t think you were wearing a hair hat either.

The lace front also minimises the bulky stitching, which is a dead giveaway of a cheap wig. Although it is important to make sure your wig isn’t too thin, it is equally important to make sure it isn’t bulky.

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Colour me expensive

Lighter coloured wigs hide the quality of the hair better. This doesn’t mean going blonde and grey, but it does mean avoiding jet black like the plague.

Shades from B2 and lighter are a great choice, however, avoid coppery tones which may be in the brown colour family but don’t usually age very well.

Neon and other bright colours are also a great trend to wear in cheaper wigs. Because the colours aren’t natural hair colours, no one expects your hair to look natural anyway.

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