Aloe vera is more than just a sunburn soother – this is why it probably deserves a slot in your skincare routine…

1. It helps to treat acne

The three main treatment focuses with acne is addressing inflammation and bacterial infection, and regulating cell turnover. Aloe vera contains a multitude of active components, and among the cocktail it addresses those three main concerns. Getting rid of cutaneous build-up in pores while addressing inflammation is a brilliant way of tackling acne and breakouts.

2. It’s very moisturising

Aloe vera constitutes mostly water, which naturally makes it a great hydrator. This quality is often overlooked as Aloe vera’s many other qualities are highlighted.

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3. It’s a super soother

The aloe vera leaf is made of multiple layers and right in the middle is where you’ll find the thick, glue-like juice that soothes away just about anything. Whether it’s a temporary sunburn or rash or a long-term underlying inflammation, the chances are good that aloe vera will improve it.

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4. It’s healing

It shouldn’t be surprising at this stage that aloe vera has healing properties. Going hand in hand with its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe can help heal small cuts, abrasions and burns when applied a couple of times a day.

5. It works on your scalp too

Due to a combination of the properties above, aloe vera makes a good treatment for flaky and itchy scalps. It soothes, hydrates, and works on excess oil production if that’s the root of your problems.

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