Last updated on Feb 12th, 2021 at 08:05 am

It’s official: grey hair is in, and we’re loving these fabulous short grey hair (absolute) ‘dos!

Gone are the days where grey hair was reserved for your grandmother; yip, grey hair is officially trendy, ladies (and yes, we hear that collective sigh of relief from you and your bank account!).

While going grey may have been taken as a sign of ‘old age’ in the past, it’s now officially a chic hair colour, and people are even selecting it as their dyed colour of choice.

So, if ever you were waiting for that sign to embrace that au natural look and still look super stylish, this is it, and these awesome short grey hair styles should be all the inspiration you need to book that overdue hair appointment…

Remember that there are many (at least 50!) shades of grey, and some skin tones suit the darker hues more. Get yourself a fuller bob to pair with your new, chic colour.

If you’re a bit nervous to fully commit to the colour, keep your roots darker underneath and go for a white-grey on the top – it doesn’t get more stylish than that!

Could this pair of ladies look any more fabulous?! We’re all about a mother-daughter duo style, proving that short grey hair works at ay age.

Sleek, stylish and simple – what more could you want from a hairstyle?

We love the variety of tones in this lob, giving the grey depth and making it even more interesting. Add a chic messy curl, and you’re good to go!

Now that you’re no longer worrying about those roots, give yourself a fab little front braid and turn heads all day long.

Move over Miranda Priestly, there’s a new uber fabulous woman in town! This stylish look is giving us all the feels… have you booked your hair appointment yet?

If your face shape allows it, a short cut with a long, side swept fringe is oh-so flattering; as is this medium shade of grey.

Feel free to embrace the grey trend at any age. We love how this shade of grey really makes features like eyebrows really pop and look so much darker.