It’s official: grey hair is in, and we’re loving these fabulous short grey hair (absolute) ‘dos!

Gone are the days where grey hair was reserved for your grandmother; yip, grey hair is officially trendy, ladies (and yes, we hear that collective sigh of relief from you and your bank account!).

While going grey may have been taken as a sign of ‘old age’ in the past, it’s now officially a chic hair colour, and people are even selecting it as their dyed colour of choice.

So, if ever you were waiting for that sign to embrace that au natural look and still look super stylish, this is it, and these awesome short grey hair styles should be all the inspiration you need to book that overdue hair appointment…

Remember that there are many (at least 50!) shades of grey, and some skin tones suit the darker hues more. Get yourself a fuller bob to pair with your new, chic colour.

If you’re a bit nervous to fully commit to the colour, keep your roots darker underneath and go for a white-grey on the top – it doesn’t get more stylish than that!

Could this pair of ladies look any more fabulous?! We’re all about a mother-daughter duo style, proving that short grey hair works at ay age.

Sleek, stylish and simple – what more could you want from a hairstyle?

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Been keeping a little secret from you all… my new hair! . . . . Starting the transition from pink, brown, black, red or any color to grey is never an easy thing. Don't get catfished by photos you see on Instagram and Pinterest. It's not a "real quick" process or a "something simple" kind of deal (for the record, hair and makeup never are… And those words are such pet peeves of mine, slow down people- Rome wasn't built in a day). I digress. Grey hair color is in-depth and should ONLY be done by a licensed professional. Do your homework before you choose a stylist. Some of the best colorists I've worked with and/or under refuse to do fashion colors (grey would be considered a fashion color) not because they aren't skilled at what they do, but because brunettes and blondes are their wheelhouse and fashion colors are a totally different animal. Not all colorists do fashion colors, not all stylists color hair, not all bridal stylists do makeup and not all makeup artists do airbrush makeup. Do your homework. When you found THE artist for you and your needs, then you must trust the process. 🙏 . . . This took a total of 7 hours over 3 days because I didn't have the time to complete the process in between my clients, I was limited to about 2 hours a day! Here are the pictures documenting the progress! You KNOW I used watercolors in steel! . . . And for those of you overly concerned about what my husband thinks of my looks.. don't worry he still loves it and he still loves me! Imagine that! 😉 . . . . #blushbrushandblowdry #byerikawithak #putnamcountyhairstylist #besthairsaloninmahopac #bestcoloristinmahopac #greyspecialist #greyblendingspecialists #putnamcountyhair #mahopaccolorist #mahopacsalon #mahopachighschool #mahopachairstylist #mahopachairdressers #greyhaircolor #grayhaircolor #shortgreyhair #shortgrayhair #mahopacshorthair #mahopacpixiecut #nypixie #pixiecuthairstyle #pixiecuts #pixiehaircut #pixiecut #pixiehaircuts #hashtagpixiecuts #nothingbutpixies #putnamcountypixie #pixiecutmadness #wcintense

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This super sleek style is both youthful and slimming on the face, so while it might seem scary, go for an extra short cut on the sides and leave the length at the top – you’ll be able to do a variety of styles you never thought possible for a shorter ‘do.

We love the variety of tones in this lob, giving the grey depth and making it even more interesting. Add a chic messy curl, and you’re good to go!

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It’s funny how much wasted energy was spent summer of 2018 deciding if i should cancel that next salon appointment or not. 🤦‍♀️ I’m almost embarrassed to admit my vanity had that much of a hold on me when I absolutely hated sitting in that chair every couple of months & spending money on something I wasn’t sure was for my own benefit or for the acceptance of others. Don’t get me wrong—I have NO problem spending time and money on myself anymore. My “self-wellness” budget has significantly increased to include monthly massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, monthly hydrafacials and quality skin & beauty products. NO SHAME IN MY PERSONAL CARE GAME NOW!🙌🏻⁣ ⁣ Three people i’ve met this month have assumed that my silver hair was an intentional dye job (one of those being a hair stylist). When the growth coming out of my melon is considered a “FANTASY color” I have to laugh at the irony of it all. What the H are we chasing when we make choices in our appearance whether it’s hair, make up, clothing or otherwise??⁣ ⁣ It’s worth pausing and asking ourselves that question each time we are about to put down that next valuable dollar 💵 or donate that next precious hour.⏳

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Now that you’re no longer worrying about those roots, give yourself a fab little front braid and turn heads all day long.

Move over Miranda Priestly, there’s a new uber fabulous woman in town! This stylish look is giving us all the feels… have you booked your hair appointment yet?

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#shortgreyhair #browneyes

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If your face shape allows it, a short cut with a long, side swept fringe is oh-so flattering; as is this medium shade of grey.

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Grey hair #bobwig

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Feel free to embrace the grey trend at any age. We love how this shade of grey really makes features like eyebrows really pop and look so much darker.