Although a small country, Switzerland is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list

From the spectacular and beautiful natural scenery to the diverse range of outdoor activities, there is something to suit every traveller. But, did you know that the Swiss food scene spans beyond just chocolate and fondue?

Teresa Richardson, MD of The Travel Corporation, parent company of guided holiday experts, Trafalgar, gives her take on eight delicious foods and drinks you need to try during your next visit to Switzerland.

1. Zopf bread

Zopf (which translates to ‘braid’), is a famous Swiss bread that contains milk and butter to give it a lovely soft texture. In Switzerland, Zopf bread is traditionally eaten on Sundays, as a treat, for breakfast or brunch and is often served with jams, fruits and teas.

2. Bündner Nusstorte

Also known as a Swiss nut tart, Bündner Nusstorte is a traditional dessert tart filled with delicious caramel and flavourful walnut filling. This true Swiss classic is often cut into pieces and served with coffee or tea. Care for a slice (or two)?

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3. Cheese fondue

When someone says cheese fondue, you instantly think of Swiss food. For centuries, cheese fondue in Switzerland has been a staple item enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Dating back to the 18th century, fondue began in Switzerland as a way to use aged cheese and bread to feed families during the winter months when fresh foods weren’t plentiful. As the cheese and bread became stale they became dry and harder to eat, so locals found that if they heated the cheese with wine, garlic and seasoning, they could dip the bread into it and make it easier to eat.

Today, fondue is enjoyed by melting cheese and seasonings in a communal pot (also known as a caquelon) over a portable stove, and dipping bread cubes into it using long-stemmed forks.

4. Rösti

Although a simple dish, rösti is absolutely delicious! Consisting of shredded potatoes fried in butter until crispy and golden brown, rösti is often served at breakfast or as a side dish. Looking to add a little extra flavour? This iconic and national dish can often be paired with onions, spices, cheese, vegetable broth and more.

5. Berner Platte

Berner platte is a traditional food platter and a staple Swiss food. Consisting of various meats and sausages such as beef, smoked pork, beef tongue and more, it’s cooked with sauerkraut flavours and juniper and accompanied with potatoes, beans and sauerkraut.


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6. Wine

Did you know that Switzerland is one of the world’s largest wine-producing countries per capita? But, you are likely to have to travel to Switzerland to taste it for yourself as only a small percentage of the country’s wine is exported. The main wine producing regions of Switzerland include: Geneva, Neuchâtel and Graubüden and over 200 grape varieties are grown across the country.

7. Swiss chocolate

In the 19th century, Swiss chocolate started to gain its reputation abroad and it has not slowed down since. So, why do Switzerland and chocolate go hand in hand? Well, Switzerland has prided itself on producing the finest quality of chocolate that is both world-renowned and affordable.

8. Älpermagronen

The name is a mouthful (albeit delicious) for a foreigner! This traditional Swiss dish is a combination of macaroni pasta, potatoes, cheese and onions and is often known as the Swiss version of American macaroni and cheese. Although a heartier dish, Älpermagronen can be found in almost every restaurant and ski resort in Switzerland and is best served with a side of apple sauce. It’s the perfect carbo-laden meal to warm the cockles of your heart after a hard day on the ski slopes.

If you’re keen to take a bite out of Switzerland’s more unusual culinary options then book a trip with Trafalgar. Call them (011) 280 8400 or visit


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