Just looking at this tableware has us planning a dinner party in our heads

Plain white dinner sets may be the best way to make even the dullest meals Insta-worthy, but statement pieces that set the mood and have your guests in awe of your style are the way to go if you are throwing a dinner party for the ages.

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A dinner set with personality

Plain white is boring and oh-so predictable. Even in different shapes, a white plate is still a white plate, and a boring dinner party isn’t worth the Insta snaps anyway.

Whether your dinner party will be full of deep conversations, jazzy crooning in the background and food best eaten with your hands, or you’re having a light and fun evening with friends discussing the latest office drama over delicate, unbelievably pretty food – your table dinnerware should definitely be dressed for the occasion.

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A dark and heavy stoneware dinner set definitely makes a statement and sets the mood. Who needs a bare canvas?

On a lighter but still hardly bare note, floral patterns hint at a vintage inspiration while the bright colours are definitely in the now. This type of dinner set wouldn’t be out of place at a brunch or even high-tea.


Not your average cutlery set

Setting your cutlery apart isn’t just about going for a different colour or metal; the shapes, weight and sheen of your cutlery can speak volumes even in conventional silver.

We love the weight, matt finish and shape of this Carol Boyes cutlery set. The minimalist artistry is appropriate for just about any occasion. Any party master worth their salt knows that while cutlery may not take centre stage at an event, it definitely makes an impact.

Multi-coloured cutlery is a youthful dining trend and offers something different to your table.

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Here’s to gorgeous glasses

It isn’t enough that your glasses are smudge-free and sparkling. Give your guests a memorable experience even if the experience is just sipping water from the most gorgeous glass they’ve ever

Stepping away from the old-school diamond-like patterns on your glasses leaves you with a whole lot more than plain and boring. Asymmetric glasses, stemless wine glasses and other interesting shapes are worth exploring too.

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