Bonnie Mbuli has revealed that her children are not allowed to use TikTok

The app allows users to create short-form mobile videos, and the actress said the information age requires “higher grade” supervision from parents.

“My kids are banned from that tik tok app, the level of vigilance required from parents in this Information age is higher grade,” she tweed.

When her followers questioned why she was against the popular app, Bonnie said she was worried about what they were being exposed to.

“I’ve repeatedly come across concerning content that kids are exposed to without needing to even follow those individuals, even though it’s on the “discover “feed, kids are not discerning enough to protect themselves from catching damaging strays.”

TikTok requires users to be at least 13 years old and anyone under 18 must have their parents’ permission to use the app.

But there have been cases of children under 13 gaining access to the app without their parents knowing.

There have also been incidents around the world of predators sending sexual content to kids using the app.

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Bonnie, who has two sons – Micaiah and Haniel – says children are easily influenced by what they see on the Internet

“Children are impressionable, they immediately assume that because it’s on the internet, it must be cool. I’m not always there to monitor what they’re exposed to so I’d rather keep it tidy and safe,” she said.

Bonnie’s followers agreed that the app was not good for young children.

“I had this chat with my daughter yesterday she was raving about tik tok. She doesn’t have a smart phone but this defies the purpose because when she visits her grandma she joins her cousins to watch/download whatever they want on their phones unsupervised,” one woman wrote.