Avoid adding sugar to your daily cup of tea or mug of coffee, if you want to keep the calories down

Many people fail to realise that calories are also consumed in the beverages (tea and coffee) that they drink on a daily basis. Are you guilty of this?

Tea and coffee tend to be two of the most common beverages that are consumed daily. They are usually enjoyed by people during breakfast and/ or break times, whether at work or at home. Many people blindly add a few teaspoons of sugar to these beverages to give a sweet and comforting taste. Sweetener is alternatively a very common additive for some people, whilst others prefer the taste and flavour offered by honey.

The occasional spoonful of sugar would not generally throw all of your weight-loss efforts out the door, especially if you are burning it all off. However, adding many teaspoons of sugar to your tea or coffee throughout the day can increase your calorie count by hundreds. This of course will depend on how many spoonfuls of sugar you add to your cup as well as how many cups you consume daily.

Give it a try and opt to skip the sugar. After a few rounds, you may find that you do not miss its taste at all! Consider cutting down on the amount of sugar or sweetener that you consume, if you cannot do without it completely. It could make a difference to your waistline!

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