If you’re trying to lose some extra inches from your frame, then you are (hopefully) limiting your calorie intake and being conscious about the quality and quantity of the foods you eat, and how they are prepared…

But there’s another key to weight loss that often gets overlooked – and that is FIBRE. Fibre helps you to lose weight by promoting a healthy digestive system, and cleaning up your intestines. It also means you digest the contents of your meal more slowly, and remain full for longer, causing you to eat less food. In short, fibre really helps with weight loss. You should aim for 30g per day as a minimum.

Here are some easy ways to get more fibre into your diet today:

1.     Have a fibre supplement

Fibre supplements will help to guarantee that you get enough fibre in your diet without eating extra calories. They are also convenient to use (you drink them), and pack a big fibre punch in one serving.

Get a fibre supplement at your local health food store.

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