Up the feel-good factor and make your home a happier place – a safe space for self-care and rejuvenation…

Decorating and organising a home may seem like a superficial pursuit, but there’s nothing trivial about the health and wellbeing benefits of being able to relax, reconnect with family and friends and feel rejuvenated because of it.

This is a three-part series about making it feel good to come home.

Valentine’s Day may be over, but it’s still the month of love so let’s consider how to make home a place for self-love – or the buzz word, self-care – and a place to feel rejuvenated.

Carve out a space for your art

If you could have a weekend all to yourself, what could you happily do for hours? Would you read, practise a musical instrument, paint, knit, write short stories, bake or garden?

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Creative hobbies have numerous mental health and cognitive benefits but given a whole weekend off, many of us would probably end up scrolling social media and watching TV.

Fortunately, there are people using social media to inspire others to stop scrolling and start creating. #Carvetimeoutforart is more than a popular social media hashtag started by artists and mothers, Marissa Huber and Heather Kirtland. It’s become a movement inspiring people of all stages to carve time out for joyful creative pursuits.

If you’ve been feeling ‘flat’, you may benefit from pursuing a creative hobby and to do that it helps to carve a space out for your art.

If your art is crochet, this could be as simple as placing a basket with your latest project next to your favourite armchair.

How to make your home a happier place (part 1)

Think about what would help rejuvenate and inspire you and then set up that reading nook, create a mini studio by putting up an easel in a corner of a room or set up a music practice area with a comfy chair, your music instrument and sheet music.

The idea is to make it easy to get started (reducing set-up time) and that the more easily accessible and visible your creative space, the more likely you are to delve into that passion project.

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