Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 07:46 pm

Kelly Khumalo just can’t seem to get a break these days

If she is not being criticised over her family drama with her sister Zandie, she is being mocked for taking a picture with a male celebrity.

Twitter users brought out their “Kelly curse” jokes to make fun of an image shared online of the singer and DJ Maphorisa.

The Dance Comigo singer was given the “cursed” label because several of her ex-partners have either died, gone to jail or fallen on hard times.

Tweeps warned Maphorisa to stay away from Kelly unless he wanted to become the next victim of the “Kelly curse”.

“Kelly Khumalo is about to put an end to Amapiano,” one man wrote.

Another user sent an advanced message of condolence to Maphorisa: “We will never forget what Phori did for the music industry… Rest easy.”

One Twitter user likened Kelly to the deadly coronavirus.

“China has the ‘Corona virus’ we have ‘Kelly Khumalo’.”

Kelly was unbothered by the hate and said that trolls can talk about her until they turn people because she is not afraid

She also responded to a Twitter user who was concerned that the bullies were affecting her mentally.

The tweep wrote: “I worry about Kelly Khumalo’s mental state when all this cyber-bullying occurs.”

Kelly replied: “My mental state is in perfect state my sweet.”

The singer has also been retweeting some of the messages of support she has received.


Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Chad da Don was also warned to take out a funeral policy when they first started dating.

They both slammed the insensitive trolls at the time.

Kelly has developed a tough skin over the years and has learned to use her block button to deal with cyberbullies

She recently revealed that she has blocked over 1 000 people on Twitter and, after trending on Twitter on Tuesday, that number has surely increased!

Kelly also gave her haters the middle finger in a video she shared on Twitter.