Nowadays, you’ll struggle to find someone who hasn’t heard the word “minimalism” thrown around when it comes to popular or influential home décor trends. But did you know maximalism is just as big of a deal in décor circles as its simpler counterpart?

By Veronica Logan

As with most home décor trends, there is an art to achieving aesthetic success. Maximalism is no exception and, at times, can often be a harder décor “nut to crack” given its dependence on the ability to be both daring and restrained when decorating a space.

In simple terms, a maximalist decor style is a bold style that encourages the mixing of colours, patterns, textures with eclectic accents and embellishments – a complete contradiction to the clean, simple nature of minimalism in every way!

So how does one embrace maximalism and successfully decorate a space in this particular décor style?

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Read on for how easy it can be to master the art of maximalist décor:

Start small

While even saying the word, “maximalism” can evoke the feeling of wanting to leap straight into things, this décor style is not about displaying everything you own and (ultimately) going overboard.

Embracing maximalism can be a little daunting for even the bravest of décor gurus, so we recommend introducing and incorporating it into your space slowly but surely.

For example, rather than tackling your whole living area, start with a smaller area like the guest loo or breakfast nook and take it from there. Similarly, when out looking for décor pieces, opt to try something different to what you’d normally go for, like buying a throw or scatter cushions in a different colour or texture to what you normally would have.

By introducing the change slowly, you are more likely to get the hang of things without making too much of a radical commitment (or mistake!).

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Get colourful

Colour is perhaps your biggest tool and ally when it comes to achieving a maximalist décor style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with as much colour as you, and your space, can handle. For example, why not try out this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Classic Blue and paint a feature wall?

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Accessorise it to bring balance by using different décor pieces in vivid corals, limes and purples. You can even throw in a splash of black for an elegant, yet modern finish.

Also feel free to mix up and play around with furniture pieces in different colours, patterns and textures. The key here is to stick to using colours from the same colour palette, for example, pairing a Classic Blue textured armchair with an indigo velvet scatter cushion. Other than that, the sky is the limit!

Embrace symmetry

As with most things, maximalism is about balance and creating symmetry can be a good way to practice just this. When mixing and matching styles and pieces, try and find the common link between each piece and be sure to place things in a way that draws your eye from one piece to the next. This can be achieved through colour, such as using one colour or shades of one colour throughout your home or space to tie your maximalist look together.

Create the look with books

With a maximalist décor style, your favourite bookshelf can easily become an art piece! Because this style is all about mixing different textures and colours, bookshelves are an absolute win given the varying aesthetic nature of books. Don’t be afraid to experiment here and get playful! For example, stack a few books on top of each other and end the stack off with a small sculpture or vase on top. You can also throw in a few differing styles of photo frames and a potted houseplant to boot – don’t limit yourself to just books!

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Showcase what you love

Maximalist décor really does offer you the opportunity to showcase things of importance to you, whether it be a family heirloom or something you’ve always loved having in your home. Whatever your fancy, use maximalism to display the pieces you hold dearest or ones that hold a special meaning or story for you.

Gallery walls are ideal in this regard so choose a wall and go crazy! Put up some of your favourite photos along with some bold hanging art pieces. Don’t try and match things perfectly though – rather focus on filling the wall with things you love looking at. Just be sure to keep the spacing between pieces consistent (remember symmetry) to achieve that all too important sense of balance.

If you’re feeling particularly “extra”, you can even go so far as covering the wall in colourful textured wallpaper beforehand for that extra pop and wow factor!

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As you can see, maximalism really isn’t about cluttering up your space with loads of décor “stuff”. Rather, it promotes a sense of repetition, balance and pattern through the way it allows you to link together different colours, textures and shapes within a space.

Be sure to keep in mind that maximalism is also not about achieving a perfect look – the style actually works best when things don’t end up looking perfect. It’s more about you finding your own sense of personal style and using your space to truly express your most creative side and share a little piece of your soul with the world around you.

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