Lalla Hirayama’s Instagram has us chock-full of shoe envy. Every time she turns up she’s sure to add another level to the shoe game

Here are the first five shoes we would grab from her cupboard if we had the chance

A shoe addiction is nothing to be ashamed of and finding a cure is absolutely out of the question. If you love shoes as much as we do, then you have to check out Lalla Hirayama’s Instagram page. Here are five of our favourite shoes from her collection.

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Every girl deserves a good pair of sneakers

We might not share Lalla’s dance skills and talent, but we definitely share her love for a great sneaker. With the rise of comfort as fashion, a good pair of sneakers is a lot more versatile and can make up part of so many different outfits.

Her custom Jameson Nike sneakers are the perfect investment sneaker; unfortunately, you can’t just walk into a store and buy a pair.

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Lace it up

Lace-up sandals are climbing the trends list for so many good reasons. Whether you want to create the gladiator look by crossing the laces up your leg or just wrapping the laces around your ankles, you get two great looks from one pair of sandals.

We love the simplicity in Lalla’s thin-strapped black sandals. They give us minimalist in the front and excess all the way up the leg.

Block heel boots

It may be summer, but winter is coming – in fact winter is always coming, and when it does come we want to be in these sexy and practical block heel boots.

Sexy and practical aren’t two words that often go together, but in this case, there is no other way to describe these ankle boots.

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Sultry snakeskin

Snakeskin may be on-trend, but for many people, it’s too much of a statement. Subtle hints of the snakeskin trend are something even the meekest of fashionistas can bear.

Lalla’s snakeskin sandals have fashionably thin and delicate straps. They are the perfect way to test the waters with the snakeskin trend.

Gladiator meets diva

There’s very little separating the divas from the gladiators, but one of the biggest differences is that regular gladiators can’t walk in heels.

These metallic knee-high gladiator sandals look great on Lalla and one reason is that they fit her perfectly. Buying these kinds of shoes online can be very disappointing because it’s either they fit or they don’t and there is very little you can do about it.