Last updated on Sep 11th, 2020 at 10:43 am

When Sealy South Africa decided to create a bed that completely redefined comfort, opulence and quality, the spectacular result was la différence

It’s the difference you see and feel on the outside, with ultra-sensuous fabrics, textures and materials that draw you into their gently supportive embrace.

And it’s even more impressive on the inside, where generous layers of wool, luxurious super latex foam, memory foam and the world’s finest comfort fills together with our exclusive coil-in-coil system, deliver sleep quality that is unmatched by anything you’ve ever experienced.

A revolution in design & performance

Our pocketed PostureTech PRO encased coil-in-coil spring technology intelligently responds to individual body weight, shape and your sleep patterns, reducing partner disturbance and roll together. This “self-posturizing” pocket system identifies and reacts to every individual body movement, offering superior levels of comfort with essential body alignment and support.

Exclusive to Sealy Posturepedic, our Dermatex™ fabric with probiotic technology protects, regenerates and gently beautifies your skin during the night.

Included in the luxury layers are, our Dual-Flex Hybrid foam layer which seamlessly fuses the resilience of latex foam with the pressure reducing properties of memory foam;  a wool quilted layer that distributes and supports body weight, while providing temperature control and breathability; and our Latex foam which is supportive and offers relieving pressure point discomfort produced by the 3D mesh fiber columns that also optimize temperature regulation.

Each feature on its own is impressive but it’s in the way they all work together that will ensure your sleep experience is truly different, culminating in an extraordinary refined luxury experience, so unique we had to invent a word for it!

La différence. ‘Essensual’ Luxury.

Made by Sealy with exclusive Posturepedic Technology.  Available at selected retail stores.